Why Paint Your Furniture

Let us paint your life in colour

A lot may be said both in favour and against the painting of furniture.


We believe in one simple and logical principle. If you are fully enjoying your furniture as it is, then leave it alone. However if you really want a change and a much more stylish and contemporary look, then just go ahead and paint it.


Furniture are household items which are there purely for their owner’s use and enjoyment. They are not sacred, untouchable objects. If your furniture has a certain value and notable workmanship on it, painting it will in no manner remove or obliterate these features. On the contrary, if skilfully and tastefully applied, it will even highlight these attributes.


Over the ages furniture fashions and trends have compelled people to paint and strip over and over again, depending on current preferences and tastes. So even if in many years to come you decide to bring your furniture back to its original form, you may easily have it stripped again.


This is after all the same process applied to the traditional restoration of antiques. They are completely stripped and repainted, in this case with stains and varnishes, rather than coloured paint. But the principle is the same.


But if you have what has now become an unsightly kitchen, an old-fashioned dark wood bedroom, imposingly heavy internal doors, a totally passé mahogany balustrade, and other largely dated furniture, then what are your options at hand? You either put up with a largely outdated and unattractive house, or you unwisely discard your current furniture and purchase new, low quality replacements. Your other option is to retain your old furniture, saving both expense and the environment, and transforming it totally by painting it.


Painting your old pieces is beneficial to the environment, and is an excellent way of recycling and reusing your current possessions.


Furthermore, it allows you to retain high quality, solid wood, and often sentimental pieces, full of character, which will for last centuries to come. You may also transform your furniture in the exact colours and styles which suit your particular taste.


Painting your furniture saves time, expense, replacing new low quality furniture on a regular basis, as well as the environment.

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